Why should I trust your service?
We believe in the delivering quality works, to establish a trusted relationship from the start and that is why we permit the moneyback guarantee. We have implemented an effective quality control process to ensure the highest quality work. Even the most demanding customers are satisfied. The evidence that we have exclusive communications, that is to provide live support, cognition of work performance status. We are dedicated to its customers. We know that our success depends on your satisfaction, we truly value your confidence in our writing services.

What makes Master Essay UK different?
MasterEssayUK.com has provided a compelling proposition: a vast academic and personalized service the cost is relatively insignificant. As education is vital importance in today's world, a determinant of success in the future access new social areas, its importance is great. In addition, our service confidence and permit moneyback guarantee (Note: very few services can match this guarantee). But only if you proved that the term paper, you purchase is plagiarism, or do not meet your initial project requirements(a scan of official proof from your university).

What customer support do I get?
Our unique Customer Service Center, you can: * Track your order status in real time. * Comments, requests to amend directly to your personal writer (greatly speed up the revision process and to improve the communication); * Upload necessary files or guidelines * Download your complete paper, so that you directly from our servers several times any time you want (act as a back-up your order); * Pay your unpaid order; * Restore your order number (S) in the case of if you delete e-mail * Ask for a quotation from our friendly Customer Service Team; * and much more... How do I contact you, if I have any questions my work? Is our understanding that the appropriate communication plays an important role in the completion of any task, so our customer service center to provide you with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact one of the following means: LiveChat, phone or e-mail

Are our prices a direct indication of the quality
Yes, the quality of our papers is definitely worth the price you pay to get it. We understand that we are not the cheapest custom writing service available, you must understand that maintaining the service that we do is not inexpensive. For one hiring truly qualified writers, two maintaining our 24/7 customer care service, not to mention keeping our complex computerized systems up and running etc. It truly is worth it when you can guarantee that on the deadline you receive a truly excellent paper that is not plagiarized and that is fully referenced and cited. We guarantee satisfaction, even in the rare case that someone maybe not be completely satisfied with the paper they receive we will revise it for you free of charge until you are, this is something that not many companies offer. A situation that occurs quite often is when a customer approaches us with an assignment, finds out how much it will cost and opts for a cheaper company, then in the near future the same person contacts us again saying that they have had a terrible experience, that they got totally ripped off and could we please complete their assignment after all. Is it worth taking the risk and compromising your academic success, we don’t think so. Please keep this in mind when making your decision.

How can I pay?
For service provided by our company, you can pay by one of the following: - Any major credit card (via Internet Payments Option) - If you are a holder of Visa or MasterCard you can choose to pay over the telephone with one of our customer care representatives* - HK /CHINA/ UK debit card (Switch, Solo) - PayPal - Bank Transfer (HK/ CHINA /UK) *If you are willing to pay directly with one of our representatives, please fill out the order request form prior to contacting our office

Can I pay in installments?
This is a possibility, but we do not recommend paying in installments, the reasons behind this are of such: • It will disturb the flow of the writing process 1) Each time the writer has finished the part of the paper that he has paid for he has to wait for confirmation of the next payment before he can continue working. 2) Delays in bank transfers and any other money transfer are quite common, delays in transfers will mean delays in work, and obviously with a single payment the risk of such delays is smaller. • It can cause hiccups in the writers schedule, for example they can not be sure when payments for each part of your order will come through, which makes it harder for them to organize their time in harmony with the flow of other orders. • It is a risk for us in the sense that we have no guarantee that the customer will complete the payments for the order, which leaves us hanging. On the other hand we also know that when a large order would be difficult for some people because of certain reasons, to pay the full cost of one lump sum. For more information, we will accept installment payments, please contact our customer service representative. Before doing so consider this there is no risk, pay the advance, especially if your payment using a credit card, you can cancel the transfer at any time. This fact will be more complicated, if you have to pay installments.

Who will write my paper?
While most custom writing companies recently appeared on the Internet to make money hiring inexperienced students and foreign writers with poor knowledge of English, United Kingdom and the United States professional writers of our team, employed by the company consists of experienced and qualified resear chers capable of coping with literally any assignment. Each member of our team for at least a Master's Degree, and some writers hold PhD degree. Obtain the best electronic library containing millions of sources, the great research skills and knowledge of the research process logic allow our writers to produce high-quality paper, more than or at least in match with customer expectations. Is our understanding that the work of highly qualified staff is not cheap, but in the long term, such as a more effective approach is: most of those whom place in our orders are regular customers.

Will I be able to contact my writer?
Communication between customers and writers played an important part of the job done. Sometimes it is almost impossible task without some additional information or clarification from the side of our customers. Master Essay UK have developed onea of a kind message systems, the system will allow you to keep in touch who is the author of your assignments.

Will I be able to have a live conversation with my
As we guarantee full confidentiality to ensure that our customers, we guarantee all of our writers as well, and live communicate at the scene may not be able to use writers, but the message system that was determined by our staff will make your communication, with your writer just as effective.

Will I have to provide you with any information?
The usual instructions that you provided while filling out the order form are enough for the writer to complete your task. However, there may be some cases, customers may be asked to provide copies of a number of sources, which is very specific or difficult to access, Editing, and proofreading services, but also need to submit a copy of a piece that you would like to have revised.

How can I forward additional information to you?
There are several means to forwarding information to us, you can choose one of the ways that best suites you. You can forward any you want by e-mail or fax, or upload any additional source or your personal draft directly with your order.

quality of custom term papers and dissertation?
MasterEssayUK.com is committed to providing the best quality service and continues today to help students with their essays. Leader of our efforts, and proof of the industry in order to provide you with not only quality services, we provide you with a piece in mind for every possible situation. Our writers provide exclusive, personalized, and instructions to complete your end-to-end research papers, for our customers.

What about plagiarism?
The completion of every one of our writing team is to check with the help of powerful anti-plagiarism engines to ensure that it is indeed original. We do not use the software, saving the paper to a database in order to tie in with the other documents. We are fully aware that plagiarism is labeled as the most serious violation of the absolute of all educational institutions in the United States, UK, Hong Kong and oversea, and to take all precautionary measures to avoid it with our writing team. Any revision requests or complaints on the essay that Masteressayuk.com has provided must be made within the first two weeks after the completion of your essay. After that time, no revisions will be made and no refunds will be processed.

How will I receive my order once it is completed?
The standard mean of delivery of the completed assignment is via our web-site. Every customer is given an access to a personalized control panel, with the help of which you will be able to contact your writer and/or administration, upload any files that you want writer to use, see all of your previous orders, and of course download the completed assignment. However, you may also choose to have assignment e-mailed to you or delivered via post.

my assignment fully do not matches my instruction?
Our understanding is that once you receive the paper of some part that need to edit or modify for you, so we implemented and Unlimited Free revise its policy. This means that the first 15 days after delivery of the paper, you may contact us and we will be happy to amend or correct part of the paper that you point to. Is our understanding that the dissertations may take longer to get the review for these customers, who in order to thesis writing services, we allow a maximum of 3 months of any request for amendment (depending on the number of pages)Any revision requests or complaints on the essay that Masteressayuk.com has provided must be made within the first two weeks after the completion of your essay. After that time, no revisions will be made and no refunds will be processed.

when will you complete my paper?
As a customer, you will be able to choose a deadline, which is appropriate for you. At present, we are beginning to provide services with 8-24 hour of delivery and going up to 14 days and 60 days of dissertation writing, so you will be able to decide when you want to complete your order. We know that the deadline for the academic are crucial for you. Therefore, we will always be with your time. You will receive your papers, term paper, no matter whether you before the deadline noted in the form of orders. We will help you write it on time and ensure that you can put your mind at ease with a professional custom essay writing team on your side. Let's be honest and realistic, we do not claim that we can write/received your dissertation/essay within a short time and you should never trust an essay writing service that does. In depth research to provide you the quality which you expect and thus is a time consuming process. Please place your order in a timely manner to ensure you can receive on your expected deadline, And kindly remind you revision time is not including in the place order deadline.

Calculate when I will receive my assignment?
You do not have to calculate anything, as our system was designed in a way that will show you how much time is remaining before the delivery of your order. But if you would like to calculate the delivery time yourself, here is an example of how our system works: Lets assume that you have request a 4 day delivery and your order was placed on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. (1 day = 24 hours) Your assignment will be delivered to you in 96 hours exactly or even earlier, thus you can be sure that you will receive a completed assignment on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

if I am not going to receive my paper on time?
Although it is highly unlikely that the delivery of your assignment will be delayed, MasterEssayUK.com compensation for the difference between the actual submission of time and your original deadline, and will provide you with an additional compensation (in the form of credit or discount on your next order) for any inconveniences.

Do you resell your essays and dissertations?
As a custom research company, we never sell pre-written papers, we do not resell / order any document issued by our company. One customer received the item written by our team can be sure that he is the only person to accept and use this project. But if customer agreement of refund will be reached, your papers will be used in other commercial purpose to public.

Can I be sure that no third parties?
This is completely safe. We are bound by the Data Protection Act, no customer information passed to your writer and verification - or any other person. We ask that you provide all the details, because it is our protection, we hope that our joint efforts and mutual trust. We are committed to the establishment of a fully secure and confidential service. Any of our many satisfied customers can tell you this - but we can not tell you who they are! We have never under any circumstances, any personal information you provide us with to any third parties. We fully understand just how important it is that you can be 100% sure that the fact that detailed information on the two sides, provide you with the fact that you are using our services will give the greatest good of our service personnel, and will not disclose to anyone other than the Company. We value our customers and therefore your priorities are our priorities.

Where is your business located?
We are located in New York, United Kingdom and Hong Kong and our writers are based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. All of our writers are native English speakers meaning their first language is English and their experience will be evident in your term paper. We are meticulous about what our writer's produce because we understand that we are only as good as the last term paper we write.

How I placing order?
This is what happens from when you placing order in five easy steps Step One you can placing order on our online system, firstly u got to fill out the order request from and chooses the order bottom.Contact our online support provided by our company, you can pay by one of the following: - Any major credit card (via Internet Payments Option) - If you are a holder of Visa or MasterCard you can choose to pay over the telephone with one of our customer care representatives* - HK CHINA UK debit card (Switch, Solo) - PayPal - Bank Transfer (HK CHINA UK) _______________________________ *If you are willing to pay directly with one of our representatives, please fill out the order request form prior to contacting our office Remember to complete all sections of the documents. Your information is confidential and secure, we are covered by the Data Protection Act. But incomplete registration documents will be refused. Step Two Once your details have been verified, we will email you to confirm the success of your registration and ask for your instructions. Step Three Send us your instructions – Please remember to complete the documents from all walks of life. Your information confidential and secure, we are involved in data protection law. However, incomplete registration documents will be rejecting When you want to work. We will ask you to give an exact date and is important to set aside time when you received the Commission for review. If you tell us within 24 hours of receipt , if the work does not meet your written instructions of all the amendments will be free of charge but it is strictly within 24 hours. It is your responsibility to set this time aside..

final instructions or materials will arrive ?
Whether you require a researcher or only a writer working from materials you have supplied We assign a Personal Academic Liaison Officer (PALO) to work with you and you can contact in 24/7. They are available for contact as much – or as little – as you want. Step Four Your PALO determine your specific academic writers and passes your instructions and materials to them. Writer's first task is orientate themselves. Whether there is enough material here? General referrces to the additional does not cost, but your writer might consider carrying out more research or materials are necessary or needed. If this is the case your PALO will contact you. We can contract the additional work of a researcher, or if you prefer, you can get more obtain more materials yourself. . Step Five Your writer writes the Commission and send to proof-reading. And then make absolutely sure that the work of the highest possible standard of PALO passes to an independent verification. This is our quality control. The person who assesses the commission is also a specialist in the field. Then we send it out to you. All the Committee up to midnight GMT the required day. If for some reason unable to perform your order written brief in any way inform us within 24 hours, we will do all the changes in free of charge.

if I not to fill in all the sections on the form?
Sorry, but we won’t accept it.

my registration was refused. Why?
We do carry out security checks, so if your name and address don’t match up we will ask you to forward a utility or credit card bill that shows this match

if I commission work but decide I don't want it?
Once we receive your commission to becomes binding, as we have already signed a writer's - may also be a researcher’s - the time and they must be compensated. After commissioning but beginning to writing you can cancel the Cancellation Fee to payable £ 500 plus £ 100 per 1000 words commissioned. If the Commission's work, and then need to 'put it on hold, we will credit the cancellation fee to your account - you will receive the money. If a written is already underway yjr contract is binding and cannot be cancelled.. But if customer agreement of refund will be reached, your papers will be used in other commercial purpose to public.

What materials should I send?
Anything and everything you have collected that you feel is needed for writing the commission. This may include the draft of sections or chapters already completed. Send these to out email if you consider these are essential for completing your commission. But remember these will be subject to a reading fee calculated per thousand words. If you got too much information that you have collected is need for writing the commission we don’t accept any hard copy information. If your university or institution data base requires a user name and password or other access to more details, please ensure that these instructions were sent to you, or before your begin your a writer commission. Information must be correct, is mandatory for all higher degree of commission that demand a research component. At lower level if you do not provide the right of access to information sources will be able to author in any place, but the results of the Commission is at your own risk. If you send documents, please ensure that they were sent to the appropriate format. In the event of any file sent, which fails to open, the author reserves the right to use material from other sources in his discretion. If you do not want your materials publishing and wish them destroyed we will do so.

Will my writer read all the material that I send?
Yes, For example, if you send us all the draft amendments will be subject to appropriate it may free charge or number of pre-term costs and the number of words before the time of reading and editing, including references and all appendices. Only to send the draft (or part of the chapter), which you may need our work, or you must read the guidance of their own writers.

I haven’t got any materials. What can I do?
We can contract a researcher for the additional cost of per 1000 words Undergraduate Committee, 2000 words for the Masters, more than 1000 characters per title for PHD level. If your program requirements, research, and we will use the same access to electronic databases, you can use, you must provide us with a detailed record. And we do provide only research service for any customer.

I’m not sure about my topic. Can you help?
Once registered, we suggest a live support services to discuss with you, that you can brainstorm idea and to ensure that we fully aware of your needs from us. This is the arrangement of the e-mail.

How will my writer know what I want ?
All of our authors are experienced academic work and needs. In their discretion, they will modify the provisions of the draft and in accordance with their professional advice is always to provide the best possible results.

Can I send materials or instructions at any time
Yes, you can send it to us at any stage. However, we have calculated that the rate of your last date of receipt of instructions or the materials, so it is more cost-effective to consider the adoption of everything you need and put it in a communication, rather than several e-mail.

Can I commission several pieces of work?
Yes, this is not an issue. If you commission everything at once it will reduce your costs because the longer the lead-time the lower the rate. However, we do not start working until one of the next film we've already received payment. Please note that in the academic vacation time, we continue to receive instructions. We still strongly recommend that you directions you can as soon as possible, even in vacation time, because it gives us no longer to ensure that best match your author. Vacation period, we operate during normal working hours and all the materials and instructions will be posted

I think this service is more than I can afford.
If you are on a tight budget let us know your ceiling and we will let you know what we can deliver. It may be that you want us to write one or two chapters, or to tackle the chapter that’s causing you problems. If you are a very tight budget, let us know your maximum limit, we will let you know, we can provide. This may be because you want us to write one or two sections of this chapter or to resolve your problem is.

Other sites work done more cheaply elsewhere?
We do not claim to be the cheapest company on the web, quality is never cheap, but we guarantee our services, that you will receive when working with our custom writing service are well worth every singly penny spent. we also believe that you get what you pay for. For instance, unlike other companies, from us you get.

Do you accept orders from other countries?
We have written orders for tens of thousands of customers in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia Hong Kong , China and many other parts of the world. Employ professional writers. Our professionals specialize in more than 80 areas of Academic study. Our custom thesis writing service is the ability of any written form of any country.

Will I be satisfied with the paper written?
Our main priority is your 100% fully satisfied. Authors insist that all of the instructions in your order form you. Based on positive feedback of our customers and the number of revisions, we maintained nearly a 100% customer satisfaction rate. If you are not satisfied with your document for any reason, please ask for free to amend, we will be happy to edit your paper to your exact expectations.Any revision requests or complaints on the essay that Masteressayuk.com has provided must be made within the first two weeks after the completion of your essay. After that time, no revisions will be made and no refunds will be processed.

Do I pay anything more than the prices?
No, you do not. Many other sites try to deceive potential customers to their cheaper price, and then charge extra. Here, we are honest with our customers and MasterEssayUK which is why our clients return. You will not pay a penny more than the price listed on our website.

Whom should I contact for additional information?
If you have any questions your ordering, payment, or anything, please do not hesitate to contact our Live support center 24/7/365. We also provide you with live interactive chat features, in order to provide the necessary assistance you deserve.

differ from plenty of other custom writing web?
Each order is custom and written 100% from scratch and in line with your requirements. We provide customers with many unique features, is simply not possible for other companies. Our writer is the professionals, cut and paste the contents of a similar unskilled writers from other companies.

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